What is the function of soccer socks and How to choose and use soccer socks ?


What is the function of soccer socks 

soccer socks, as the name suggests, are the socks worn when playing soccer.  It has a protective effect on the players' calves.  

The role ofsoccersocks  

1. Protecting the calf is the most important;  

2. At the same time, it is to install the leg guard board, and it should be made into a long tube.

3. Wear socks to tighten the muscles of the legs and concentrate the power more.  

4. The socks of the two teams are usually different colors on the court, so it is easier for the players to tell the difference between friends and opponents in the melee.  

5. It is easy for the referee to distinguish the legs of the two players and improve the accuracy of the penalty.  

soccersocks are in fashion  

Socks are not just things on the field.  In Japan,soccersock upper body makes tide sheet to taste and widely popular, the stripe design that the length that passes the knee adds sock lets its itself have feeling and vitality, also have both clean and relaxed at the same time.  

Today, stockings have become a part of the landscape on the football field, paired with the team jersey, to show the different characteristics of each team and sports brand.  

Soccersocks also become a girl's daily dress dress collocation.


How to choose and usesoccersocks 

1. Professional players' socks are usually made of Lycra cotton, but the disadvantage is that the price is too high;  Generally speaking, socks with towel soles are the most cost-effective.  There is no real sense of pure cotton for ball socks. Generally, the cotton content of ball socks is about 60% to 85%. Socks need a certain amount of elasticity.  

This must be added to a certain elastic fiber (generally spandex) in the weaving process, such as Lycra (actually is a kind of DuPont spandex) is the best material to stick to the skin, generally not the whole pair of socks composition is Lycra,(many socks are indicated only limited to the sock mouth).  Hosiery tips, hosiery heels, and rib ends are often made of synthetic fibres for reinforcement and elasticity, which together amount to about 15 to 40 percent.  So we say pure cotton (cotton) socks refers to the yarn in addition to elastic fiber and suspended thread silk for the whole cotton.  

2. There is no necessary connection between the thickness of socks and blisters. Wearing two layers of socks is more likely to slip, and the feet are naturally more likely to blister.  

3. It is best not to use the washing machine to clean the socks, as it will lose their elasticity and do not soak them for more than 20 minutes.