What are Running Socks?  


Running socks are a type of running sock that helps prevent blisters on the toes or the back of the heel from rubbing against the sneakers.  In addition, running socks may be made of materials specifically designed to sweat and keep feet dry.  People who run long distances should always wear running socks.  Running socks are often designed to be invisible when wearing sneakers, and these socks are designed to provide support and cushioning for the foot without adding to the shoe's volume or making the foot too hot.  These socks may be made of cotton, wool, sweat-wicking fabric or a combination of them.  

Some of the features of these socks are common in these exercise socks.  

Socks may help prevent blisters on the toes.  First, running socks usually have smooth seams, so they don't cause any irritation to the feet.  In addition, there is usually an additional cushion under and around the front of the toes and the back of the heel.  Blisters are common in these areas on running feet, and this extra cushion in socks helps prevent blisters from forming.  Some socks add extra support bars to the sides of the foot or under the arch, so when running, simply add extra cushioning under the foot.  

Another common feature of running shoes is their ability to absorb sweat from the feet, another common feature of running socks.  For example, some socks also provide a moisture-resistant outer layer to keep the feet dry while running. Sports socks come in both thin and thick. Thin socks may be suitable for warm weather or for people who already wear tight shoes, while thick socks may be a good choice for cold weather, or, if the feet tend to slide in the shoes.  Running socks are usually more expensive than standard socks because they have additional features and fabric options.  They can be found at most fitness and shoe stores, or purchased online.  They come in many different colors, although white and black are the most common.  Although these sprints may or may not require socks, long distance runners or runners in races, especially marathons or half-marathons, should generally try to wear running socks regularly to prevent blisters or bruises around the feet.  Sweat-wicking socks help keep your feet dry.