How to choose the most comfortable ski socks


In addition to the importance of snow shoes, ski socks may be the second most important thing for skiing! If you wear a pair of very comfortable professional ski socks, you can not only extend the snow time, but also won't be unable to exert your strength due to foot pain! Next, what to buy for everyone! What not to wear!
1.Ski special socks are usually divided into thin, medium and thick. The thickness is determined according to the temperature. If the shoes are big, you can also wear thicker ski socks. Be careful not to wear two layers, which are easy to rub back and forth and sweat.

2.Ski socks are usually not made of cotton, because cotton is easy to absorb water. It is usually made of breathable material

3.A pair of socks are divided into left and right, so that there will be no excess fabric, and the feet will not be squeezed, causing pain. Don't underestimate a little bit of fabric. Long-term squeezing and friction will make the feet feel very obvious and very uncomfortable.

4.Good ski socks have anti-skid and thickened heels and insteps! Because skiing needs to move back and forth, socks are easy to fall off, so pay attention when buying.

5.You can try compression socks. This kind of compression socks is not easy to make the muscles swelling. It causes premature soreness.
Finally, ski socks cannot be replaced. Do not wear boat socks for skiing. Not only are they easy to fall off, but the calf is also in direct contact with the inner tank and rubs back and forth, which may cause foot pain. There should be no other things in the shoes except socks. ! If the socks are not long enough to exceed the liner, don't wear them, because the stitches are usually thick and easy to squeeze! Hope it helps you!