Sports socks:the secret of the towel bottom


Someone always asks: What is the difference in the bottom of the towel? What's so good about it?Straightforward, for sports socks, the towel bottom design plays a role of cushioning and protection.
Sports socks are more worn during exercise, so during running or playing, wearing towel-bottom sports socks has a significant shock absorption effect. One of my classmates likes to play basketball, so he has some research on basketball socks. When he plays basketball, he wears professional basketball socks. When we chatted, he said: "Playing basketball, in the process from jumping to landing, the feet will feel shock, so socks and shoes are required to have some shock absorption design, and the looped bottom , That is, the towel bottom design we are talking about, because it has a certain thickness, it can slow down this shock, and at the same time play a protective role, which is beneficial to protect your feet."
Some people may worry: The towel bottom is relatively thicker than ordinary socks. Will it cover your feet when you wear it?
In fact, no, professional sports socks will ensure good breathability, and thick does not mean that they will cover your feet.
Secondly, the bottom of the towel can absorb moisture. Moisture absorption is the focus of everyone's attention. After all, for sports, socks can absorb a lot of sweat is very important. The bottom of the towel feels very thick to the touch, so the sweat absorption effect is better than ordinary thin socks, and professional sports socks have a good sweat wicking effect. They are not like cotton socks. After the sweat is absorbed, it will be concentrated in the socks. Above, cotton has good moisture retention, but this is not necessarily an advantage for socks. Wearing cotton socks after playing a ball or running will feel hot and humid. This is because the absorbed sweat is not diffused. The design of the towel bottom will solve this problem to a certain extent.