How to identify a good pair of sports socks


If you have carefully observed sports socks, you will find that the appearance of sports socks is very different from the appearance of ordinary socks.
It is divided into the following five points in total:
1. Thick feel-towel bottom design
The towel bottom design is also called the terry bottom design. First of all, when the sports socks are held in the hand, they feel very thick, which gives people a real sense of materiality invisibly. As for why it has to be so thick?
That's because of this design, the purpose is to cushion and protect, step on the soft foot, reduce the shock during exercise, and protect your feet. This is why sports socks are "thicker" to the touch than ordinary socks.
2. The sole of the foot-anti-slip strip design
The soles of the feet will have a convex design, which looks a bit technological. This is a non-slip treatment. In order to prevent the feet from slipping in the shoes during exercise. If the socks slip in the shoes, it is equally uncomfortable to start running. Over a long period of time, the soles of the feet will wear out calluses, which is not conducive to the health of the feet.
3. Hosiery design-flat seam
If you are a friend who doesn’t know enough about sports socks, you might think that the seams of all socks are flat. Is it possible that the merchants will still sell us defective products?
I want to explain the flat seam here: it refers to the special design of the seam. You turn to the inside of the socks to see that there is no thread left, and it is comfortable to wear, but also to reduce the sense of friction and weight.
If you are a friend who exercises regularly, you can understand the feeling of friction on the toes during exercise. The flat seam is to reduce the friction and effectively protect the toes.
4. Instep technology mesh design
Whether the feet can be kept dry during exercise is very important, and whether the feet are dry has a lot to do with the breathability of the socks.
The breathability of socks is related to the material of the socks and also has a lot to do with the functional design. Sports socks will be designed with a technological mesh on the back of the instep, one by one closely arranged breathable holes, which can keep the feet free to breathe, drain moisture outwards, and ensure the dryness of the feet.
5. Socks body design-3D cushioning design
This part is designed to protect the calf and reduce the shock generated during exercise in the calf and ankle. The appearance looks like a regular bulge, and it also looks very technological.
When choosing sports socks, you can also stretch the socks to feel the elasticity. The elasticity of sports socks is great. Such excellent resilience allows you to feel a good fit when wearing it. In other words: it fits your feet well.

Sports socks will make your feet feel more comfortable during exercise.Don't underestimate the effect of sports socks on sports.