Applicable people of compression socks


Compression socks are a product that can treat venous diseases of the lower extremities and thin legs. It is a product that can promote the return of venous blood to the heart.
1. Those who stand for a long time: teachers, traffic police, shopping guide, beauticians, doctors, nurses, etc.
2. Those who sit still for a long time: IT people, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office workers-standing or sitting still for a long time: due to muscle fatigue and gravity, the blood flow in the legs is not smooth, and the blood viscosity increases, leading to venous diseases of the lower limbs. .
3. Pregnant women and those who take contraceptives for a long time-Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, the blood volume increases by more than 20%; the fetus and enlarged uterus compress the pelvic vein and iliac vein, weight gain during pregnancy, and leg vein pressure increases, Causes poor blood return, leading to venous diseases of the lower extremities.
4. People who travel frequently, take airplanes, long-distance buses, and flight attendants-usually referred to as economy class syndrome. Due to weightlessness at high altitude, the blood return to the legs is not smooth, leading to venous diseases of the lower limbs, and pulmonary embolism is likely to occur in severe cases.
5. Obese people-due to high blood cholesterol and blood lipids, blood viscosity increases, and excessive weight makes it difficult for venous blood to return to the heart, leading to venous diseases of the lower extremities.
6. People who have suffered from venous diseases of the lower extremities-because the veins are already in a diseased state, they must be improved through treatment, otherwise the condition will continue to develop.
7. People with high incidence of deep vein thrombosis in lower extremities-post-major surgery patients, malignant tumor patients, hemiplegic patients, women and parturients in late pregnancy, patients with lower limb fractures, severely infected patients, elderly people, etc.
8. People who have the need for shaping and beautiful legs and those who have undergone liposuction of the legs-have the effect of retracting, gathering, pressing and lifting the legs, preventing sagging, raising the leg line, correcting the leg shape, and reducing the leg circumference.