Optional materials for hiking socks.


Wool:Wool is a very popular natural material for making socks. It is warm and soft, and can retain heat even when it gets wet. Unfortunately, wool socks are not easy to dry, and they are also easy to itch when worn on the feet (note: newer wool materials such as mohair do not have this problem). If you don't add some other materials, they can be easily worn out. Blended wool (composed of wool and synthetic materials) is very popular because they solve these problems.

Synthetic insulation material:REI provides a number of man-made materials to provide the same warmth as wool without the disadvantages of some of the above-mentioned wool. These materials [Hollofil(R), Thermax(R), Thermastat(R)] are not as warm as wool but are very soft on the feet. They are also easy to dry and wear resistant. This material can be used on socks of various types and thicknesses.

Silk:a natural insulating material, it is comfortable, lightweight but not as abrasion resistant as other materials. Sometimes it is used as a reliable wicking material for lining socks.

Synthetic wicking material:Synthetic wicking materials (like polypropylene and Coolmax) are used to make lining socks and are also woven into thicker walking socks to improve the wicking of socks. Cotton-cotton socks are not recommended for hiking. During the journey, the cotton socks absorb sweat and dry slowly. They don’t keep warm when they get wet and make the feet uncomfortable and easy to blisters.

Bottom material:Many hiking socks are thickened on the heel, sole, and toes to improve comfort. These are achieved by increasing the density of the weave in these areas or adding some materials such as acrylic acid. These specially thickened socks can save socks during the arduous journey on difficult roads.

Supporting material-most of today's hiking socks have added a small part of stretchable nylon or lycra material, these materials keep the original shape and compactness of the socks, so that the wrinkles on the socks are reduced to a minimum.